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Dinner menu


Insalata di spinaci 7.00

Tender leaf spinach tossed with roasted peppers,gorgonzola,kalamata olives with crispy pancetta and vinaigrette dressing.

Insalata mista 5.00
Mixed greens,carrots,cucumbers and cherry tomatoes in a creamy italian goat cheese dressing

Insalata Rudy's 7.00
Field greens tossed w/diced pears,caramelized walnuts, raisins & gorgonzola honey dressing

Insalata Cesare 7.00 
Romaine lettuce,egg,croutons tossed with home made Caesar dressing


Calamari fritti 10.00
Flash fried calamari and zucchine served with marinara sauce on the side

Pizzetta 7.00
Flat bread topped w/meats,veggies and tomato sauce

Carciofi al formaggio 8.00
Baked artichokes heart stuffed with goat cheese and spinach in a roasted pepper garlic white wine sauce

Peperoni ripieni 8.00
Sweet roasted pepper stuffed w/prosciutto,mozzarella and basil drizzle w/olive oil and balsamic

Funghi ripieni 9.00
Baked mushrooms stuffed w/ricotta,spinach and parmigiano cheese served with a cognac cream sauce

Cozze 9.00
P.E.I. mussels sauteed in olive oil and garlic or spicy tomato sauce

Baccala' fritto 8.00
Fresh cod dipped in tempura and pan fried

Mozzarella in carrozza 8.00
Slices od bread stuffed w/mozzarella and anchovy,egg batter then fried and topped w/puttanesca sauce


Spaghetti and meatballs 13.00
Spaghetti with homemade meatballs tossed in a marinara sauce

Rigatoni amatriciana 13.00
Bucatini(Hollow spaghetti) sauteed with shallots,pancetta in a light spicy tomato sauce and aged pecorino cheese

Lasagna 13.00
Rudy's mom's recipe. Homemade meat lasagna

Fettuccine Bolognese 15.00
Fettuccine tossed with a slow braised beef,veal and pork bolognese style ragu

Linguine Vongole 15.00
Linguine with clams tossed in a lightly spiced tomato sauce or garlic olive oil sauce

Penne Vodka 14.00
Penne in a creamy vodka pink sauce with chicken or shrimp add 2.00

Spaghetti Carbonara 14.00
Spaghetti tossed in the traditional Roman recipe egg,pancetta and romano cheese

Cannelloni di spinaci 15.00
Cannelloni filled with ricotta,spinach in parmigiano cheese sauce

Tortellini di carne 16.00
Meat tortellini w/peas and prosciutto tossed in Alfredo sauce

Ravioli al formaggio 16.00
Ravioli filled w/ricotta and romano cheese tossed in a butter sage sauce

Fettuccine Alfredo 15.00
Fettuccine pasta with our special Alfredo sauce

Gnocchi 15.00 (only on Thurdays)
Potato dumpling tossed in five different sauces of your choise

(served w/starch and veggie of the day)

Pollo Valdostana 16.00
Chicken breast stuffed w/prosciutto and mozzarella sauteed in mushroom and Madeira wine sauce

Salmone farcito 17.00
Fresh salmon stuffed with lobster,shrimp crab meat and panko bread sauteed in scampi sauce

Tilapia Francese 15.00
Fresh tilapia egg batter and pan fried with side of lemon butter sauce

Melanzane alla parmigiana 14.00
Layer of eggplant mozzarella parmigiano cheese basil and tomato sauce served with a side of spaghetti

Pollo allo champagne 15.00
Chicken breast w/sun dried tomato and artichoke sauteed in a champagne sauce

Saltimbocca alla romana 18.00
Veal scaloppine topped with prosciutto and served with butter and sage sauce
We also serve at the same price:
Veal scaloppine marsala and mushrooms
Veal scaloppine piccata
Veal parmigiana

Sogliola alla mugnaia 17.00
Sauteed sole with cherry tomatoes,sweet red peppers,capers,italian olive and pinot grigio sauce

Maiale alla Milanese 15.00
Pork scaloppine egg batter and breaded topped with arugula and cherry tomato with a side of lemon butter sauce

Salsiccia con peperoni 16.00
Grilled italian mild sausage rope over sauteed sweet peppers and onions

Desserts 6.00
Tiramisu,italian cheesecake,housemade gelato and cakes of the day

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